Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A New Year's Review to ShiftingWealth 2011

All the best - health, power and prosperity - to you the readers of this blog. Since I started it in April 2011, ShiftingWealth has been viewed more than 6.500 times, not bad a number for an OECD scribbler, I like to think.

The most popular post were (if you want to re-read, just click the link)

Popular Posts 2011
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16 November

Where is the audience for this blog? Mostly in advanced countries, with France, United Kingdom, United States and Germany clearly in the lead. Brazil, India and Russia are the frontrunners among the converging countries; China, alas, is not listed as Chinese readers are still forced to enter through foreign web addresses. My wish for 2012? That China allows full internet access. And that this blog makes you rich!